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2018 TURNUP! Community Empowerment Event

September 30, 2018 / Glasgow Park / Newark, Delaware / 10am - 6pm

CoCreate Life Coaching Company 

The focus of the event will be to celebrate unity among one another, our families, and our local communities.  During this event, our goal is to share the importance of getting involved - making changes that impact our present moment as well as future generations. Through this initiative, we aspire to shine a light on the societal ills that plague our communities (mental health, substance dependency, inequality,  displacement, conflict) and to use the power of community to provide education, resources, and an opportunity to incubate and nurture concrete solutions for a brighter tomorrow. Come, lend your voice, share your ideas, and make connections that have a lasting impact.

There will be informal participatory discussions, networking opportunities, live entertainment, and vendors will be in attendance to provide educational and lifesaving information.  All monies collected from sponsors, vendors, and direct donations will be placed in a scholarship/aid fund to benefit youth and young adults who apply for assistance in paying for Co Create Life Coaching Company's services. 

Meet Our Speakers and Performers
Founder and CEO Co Create Life Coaching Company


Founder/CEO, Transformational Life Coach

Bruce Dorsey, a Certified Transformational Coach specializing in Personal Development. Bruce has studied and coached in the field of personal development for over 7 years, graduating from Universal Coach Institute (UCI) with honors. 


Bruce has a passion for helping individuals to realize their natural talents, skills, and abilities. He founded Co-Create Life Company on the principles of hard work and dedication.  Co-Create promotes healthy mental development and spiritual growth. Its mission is to build confidence, positive outcomes, and eliminate fear.

Senator Bryan Townsend


11th District

Bryan Townsend - A father and a husband, and a state senator since 2012, Bryan is committed to supporting hard-working Delaware families. He chairs the Health, Children, & Social Services Committee and serves on several other committees, including Education. Bryan has a track record of bringing together diverse stakeholders to solve difficult issues, and he has been designated as one of the most productive legislators in the Delaware General Assembly. 


One of four sons of a retired Newark police officer and a long-serving public schoolteacher, Bryan worked his way through school – a product of the Christina School District, the University of Delaware and Yale Law School. After law school, became an attorney, representing Delaware businesses of all sizes as well as children in foster care, victims of domestic violence, and a veteran with service-related disabilities. 


Never afraid to challenge the status quo to benefit the public, in 2012, Bryan won an against-all-odds primary election against the highest-ranking state senator by promising responsive government and by building a coalition of students, retirees, teachers, and other community leaders who wanted to see a new approach and more candor in government.

Judge Will Davis


 Cecil County Circuit Court

Judge William W. Davis, Jr., known locally as “Will” in his work with youth groups and charities to aid troubled children. 

Associate Judge, Cecil County Circuit Court, 2nd Judicial Circuit, since September 9, 2016.  

Panel Attorney, Office of Public Defender, 2003-16. Member, Trial Courts Judicial Nominating Commission, 2nd Commission District, 2007-14. Board of Trustees, Cecil College, 2008-12. Equity Committee, Cecil County Public Schools, 2008-12.

Attended St. James School, Hagerstown, Maryland; Morehouse College, B.A. (English), 1997; Georgia State University College of Law, J.D., 2003. Admitted to Maryland Bar, 2003; Pennsylvania Bar, 2003; District of Columbia Bar, 2005. Solo practitioner, The William Davis Law Firm, P.C., 2003-16.

Member, Maryland State Bar Association; Cecil County Bar Association. Adjunct Professor, Legal Education Institute, Delaware Law School, Widener University, 2010-16. Pro Bono attorney, Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, 2003-11; Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, 2004-08; Maryland Lawyers for the Arts, 2005-11.

Board of Directors, Upper Bay Counseling and Support Services, Inc., 2007-10; YMCA of Cecil County, Inc., 2008-12. 1st Vice-President, Cecil County Chapter, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), 2009-11.

Board of Directors, Youth Empowerment Source, Inc., 2014-. Youth Basketball coach, YMCA of Cecil County, Inc., 2006-08, 2010-11.

Valerie McDowell


Director of Operations for CCLP

Valerie McDowell – A founding staff member and current Director of Operations for the Center for Children’s Law and Policy (CCLP), a national juvenile justice organization working to reduce racial and ethnic disparities for youth around the country. Prior to helping establish CCLP in 2006, Valerie worked as the Project Manager for the Faith-Based Foster Care Initiative in Detroit, MI, working with pastors and other faith leaders to bring about change to Detroit’s foster care system.

Rev. Joseph Archie III


Superintendent of the Wilmington District 
United Methodist Churches 

Rev. Joseph W. A. Archie III - Current Peace with Justice Coordinator for the Peninsula-Delaware Conference of the UMC. He was previously pastor of Marshallton, Christ, and Cedars UMC’s in Wilmington, DE.  On July 1, 2016, Rev. Archie became the new District Superintendent for the Wilmington District.

Rev. Archie grew up in Middletown, DE, where he was baptized and confirmed at Dale Memorial UMC.  The District Superintendent and his wife, April have been married for 19 years and their daughter, Niyah, is a college student.  In his spare time, he enjoys reading and taking road trips.

Marlon Reid


Inspirational Speaker/
Author of "The Diary of a Changed Man"

Marlon Reid is a happily married man with three beautiful children and he is an active member and Walking Deacon of the Living Water Outreach Center where he founded the ministry, “Men Do Help Men;” a ministry that provides prayer and guidance through remarkable testimonies to boys and men of color.


Speaking on the affects and effects of street life, his overall goal is to bring awareness to the community of African-American boys and men about the misfortunes of misguided lifestyles. Knowing the influences of the streets, Mr. Reid is determined to inspire others to increase the possibilities of change within their mindsets and provide them with positive avenues to turn their pain into purpose

Being unafraid to share his journey, Mr. Reid’s voice conveys the values of self-worth, the bridges of empowerment and the power of change and motivation through his account on life.  Filled with a passion to deliver souls, Marlon’s mission is to captivate audiences through his inspirational journey. Marlon is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Jason Tull


Founder and President/
J.W. Tull Contracting Services

Jason Tull is the Founder and President of J.W. Tull Contracting Services.   Jason started his company in 2014, and in the short time since then, it has become amongst the top in the highly competitive remodeling businesses in the Tri-State area. 

All of his life Jason had a vision of owning his own business, but like many, fell prey to addiction on the way to that goal.  After more than seven years of drug use, legal trouble and ultimately prison, Jason embraced the 12 Steps and turned his life around.  He pursues his sobriety with the same intense commitment he grew his business. 

 Jason gives back to the community through financial support of a variety of recovery organizations and sharing his story, but he also hires recovering addicts to show them there is a better way.  While he has many achievements in his more than six years of sobriety, he considers his two young sons to be his greatest accomplishment.  

Sharon Hart - Harris


Founder Hart of Gold Care, Inc

Sharon Hart-Harris is the founder of Hart of Gold Care, Inc. She is responsible for opening up a new relationship between the residents of Delaware and the surrounding communities, an organization of people who not only cares about the hungry and the homeless in the community; but every person needing assistance.

Sharon was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. As a young mother of 3, she experienced the adversity of life by raising those 3 children on her own. She was determined to make the best of life despite the lack thereof and was determined to give the best life she could for her 3 children.

Her children witnessed a person that gave unselfishly despite what she had or did not have, she was always feeding people that were hungry and providing unwanted used and sometimes new clothing to those in need. Unaware she was birthing a ministry that would lead to an organization that would provide food and shelter for those in need, Sharon along with her board members spearheaded an organization that continues to grow within the community.

Sharon struggled with what her mission was in life. What was she supposed to be doing and where should she be? She knew she had a passion to help people but did not know how to implement and embark upon that passion. Grateful that she stood on faith and waited for God to lead her, she has finally found her passion in life. Besides her husband Kevin, her children, grandchildren, family and close friends, her joy and passion are to help others that are less fortunate and to give back to the community.

At the age of 46, Sharon had received her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Network Security from Wilmington University in Delaware. Although that was a major accomplishment for her and an awesome milestone in her life, founding an organization such as Hart of Gold Care, Inc. has been the greatest accomplishment she has ever achieved and look forward to providing the best level of services she and her board members can provide. She is also an author and a motivational speaker.

Edward Avinger Jr.


Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Community Activist, Licensed Educator, Licensed Administrator

Edward Avinger is a charismatic public presenter and speaker, a multi-state licensed Educator and Administrator, a successful entrepreneur executive and a proud parent.  Born in the Speer Village Housing Projects in Passaic, New Jersey he escaped a trauma-sensitive life by staying focused and never giving up.  During the 80's & 90's Mr. Avinger successfully owned a string of college and commercial bookstores in New Jersey. 


Edward served as an appointed voting board member of the City of Passaic’s Library Board.  Mr. Avinger co-founded a juvenile delinquency employment training non-profit, The Downtown Merchants Corporation in Passaic New Jersey and appeared on the local news.  For more than seven years, he has taught in two of the most challenging city schools in the state of Delaware, Bancroft, and Elbert-Palmer. 


Currently, he is the Christina School District Middle School Summer Program Coordinator.  His unique bi-racial experiences, urban and suburban experiences, poverty and middle-class experiences along with his social and community advocacy – has enabled him to touch, alter and enhance many lives.  Mr. Avinger attended Rutgers University in Newark New Jersey and transferred to Temple University where he received a Bachelor's Degree in U.S. History with honors. 


Edward holds a Master of Arts Degree in Education from Goddard College in Vermont, and a second Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Wilmington University in Delaware.  Mr. Avinger is currently matriculating at Wilmington University as a Doctoral Student in Educational Leadership.  He has two precious daughters, 26 & 25 and two amazing sons, 8 and 11.  He resides in New Castle, Delaware where he enjoys his family time.

Shira Garnett


Inspirational Speaker/Counselor and Mentor 
Public Relations, Director/Strategist

Shira, a Certified Christian Counselor, Entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in the Non-Profit sector.

A passionate advocate who loves to encourage those who have faced tremendous adversities. Shira shares her very own personal experiences, bringing forth a formidable message of hope, healing, and restoration - Particularly to the (Hush, Don't Tell) secrets that many women and men suffer in silence.

Shira fearlessly addresses such issues as - Domestic Violence, Child Molestation, Substance Abuse, Homelessness, and rejection.  Her messages are sagacious, practical and numinous.  
Shira also specializes in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

 DJ Kevin Kirby


Founder and CEO, Family Legacy DJ's

DJ Kevin Kirby is founder and CEO of Family Legacy DJs. They have been overwhelmingly sought after for more than 30 years for elegant weddings and corporate events.  You’ll find DJ Kevin and his staff to be professional, experienced and lots of fun! 

Jayla  "JStaxx" Pulliam


Rap Artist

Jayla Pulliam is a 14-year-old aspiring Delaware rap artist. She began writing music at the age of 13, after her cousin, brother, and uncle was killed all within 2 years. Writing has helped her deal with the pain she was feeling from their murders. Jayla hopes to someday help others deal with the pain of losing loved ones due to gun violence.

On July 21, 2018, Jayla (J. Staxx) was voted the best female rapper of Delaware. Back in June, J. Staxx also won the first place prize for the William Hicks Anderson Community Center talent show.

To become a sponsor, donate, sign up for a vending table, or get more information, contact: Shira Garnett, Public Relations Strategist at 302-384-1358 or

Co-Create Life Coaching company’s commitment to a healthy community does not end with mental health. Community transformation happens from the inside out; total wellness is foundational to creating the conditions for a safe and thriving community.

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