How Self-Reflection Can Help to Eliminate Confrontation.

Have you ever had a disagreement with your boss, co-worker or friend? I KNOW that I have!

I used to remember always looking at what the other person did to cause me to think, feel, and act the way that I did towards them.

It was their fault!

Then, over the years, I learned that I had to look in the mirror at my own actions and how they contributed in making the situation worse.

So Yes, I had to take some responsibility!

I had come to realize, whenever I reacted in a negative and selfish way instead of responding in a rational and non-confrontational way, I was giving others the power that I myself possessed to control my reactions and behaviors.

Don’t give away the power that you possess to control yourself to someone else.

The mirror of self reflection can be a painful place to look upon, but, it is necessary for evaluation, clarity and self-responsibility.

God Bless,

Coach B-

#SelfReflection #Behavior #Responsiblity

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